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We are the original inventor and manufacturer of all products shown herein

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We are the original inventor and manufacturer of all products shown herein


Weldtron Warranty, Financing and Return Policy

Acceptance of the product constitutes agreement with this policy.



New product warranty applies for a period of one year from the date a new product was purchased directly from Weldtron.  If the product was purchased through any other source, the warranty still ends from the date of the first original sale. Warranty only applies to defective parts that fail under normal and designated use, along with failures due to poor physical workmanship.  Repair warranty is for a period of 90 days from date of repair and only applies directly to the original malfunction and the repair performed.  Our warranty and return policies apply ONLY to the original purchaser named upon the face of this invoice.


Improper use of the product or misapplication.

Improper installation or failure to install via the directions provided.

Any physical damage caused by neglect, abuse or accident.

Removal of any tags or information contained upon the product.

Any attempt to repair product by anyone other than Weldtron.

Any damage caused by forces (or apparatus) external to the product. 


In the event that the product is under warranty (or is out of warranty) and is authorized to be returned for repair, you must obtain a Return Materials Authorization (RMA) before doing so.  Contact or call 361-664-4413 to obtain one.

 Products repaired under warranty will be shipped back via UPS ground free of charge and with no repair charges.  If the customer requests any expedited or special shipping method, they will be billed freight.

Products repaired that do not qualify for warranty will be shipped back via UPS ground (or the delivery level cited by the customer) with full shipping and repair charges.


Call 361-664-4413 to discuss any problem before shipping the product for repairs.  Normally, over 45% of all calls for service can be cured over the telephone with no shipping required. 

Products that are sent in for repairs that are not qualified for warranty will be repaired and upon completion, the customer will be notified via email, mail or telephone call.  At that time shipping and payment information will be obtained or verified.  If the owner does not respond within 10 days of notification, another email or letter will be sent to the address contained upon the RMA or original sales invoice, giving notice that a mechanicís lien will be placed on the product after 30 days from the second notice.  After 30 days has elapsed, that item will be offered for sale for the charges incurred in repair and handling. 

Any product sent in for repair (warranty or not) that is found to be free of defects will incur both a testing charge and a return shipping charge.


NOTICE: REFUNDS ONLY APPLY TO DIRECT SALES TO THE CUSTOMER FROM WELDTRON.   If the product was purchased from another source (other than directly from Weldtron) you must contact the original retail seller of the product to comply with their refund and return policy.  DO NOT return the product to Weldtron nor request a refund.

 All products are shipped within a closed plastic wrapping.  Once the wrapping is disturbed, opened or removed, the sale is final and the product cannot be returned for a refund for any reason.  A product can be returned for exchange or refund only if it is received in its original box, packaging and in its original unopened plastic wrapper and is returned (and received by Weldtron) within 15 days of the original invoice date.  A RMA (Returned Materials Authorization number is required).  If a refund is approved, the customer will be refunded the original amount less the original freight and a restocking and testing charge shall apply.


Weldtron shall be held harmless for damages in any misapplication of the product sold, unauthorized modifications, erroneous installations and any (and all) failures to install per instructions.


Sales on open 30 day credit accounts are due payable in full within 30 days of invoice date.  Failure to pay within terms will result in termination of the account and subsequent collection efforts.  In the event that formal collection efforts are necessary, you agree to pay any (and all) costs incurred to Weldtron (or its agent) to collect both the bill in question along with all costs incurred to do so.