Have a good working R-57 Vacuum idler control but don't want to change the whole system over to a new complete electrical system.  You're in luck.  The Weldtron-UI can now be used to upgrade existing R-57 vacuum idler controls without the need to replace ANY electrical or mechanical parts.
An inexpensive way to modernize that old idler.
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The Weldtron-57 idler upgrade kit


A very simple and effective means to replace your original Lincoln R-57 vacuum idler system with a new electronic controlled idler.

We developed a very easy to install modification kit to replace R-57 vacuum idler systems for which there are no repair parts available any longer in the field. When the need to replace your original idler comes, this is the most economical solution to your problem.

The Weldtron-57 kit consists of a Weldtron UI idler module, an electric solenoid, a fused protection device and complete instructions on how to modify your system yourself.

The benefits of this system are:
  • No governor linkage adjustments.

  • No carburetor adjustments.

  • No special mounting hardware for the engine is required.

  • No throttle modifications required.

  • No special linkages from the solenoid to the carburetor are required.

  • No external reed switch sensors required.

  • You use the original linkage that your machine was manufactured with.

The complete installation pamphlet that ships with the kit is shown here.